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Fine mapping of qTGW10-20.8, a QTL having important contribution to grain weight variation in rice
Yujun Zhu, Zhenhua Zhang, Junyu Chen, Yeyang Fan, Tongmin Mou, Shaoqing Tang* and Jieyun Zhuang*
The Crop Journal  , 2019, 587-597.


Grain weight is one of the most important determinants of grain yield in rice. In this study, QTL analysis for grain weight, grain length, and grain width was performed using populations derived from crosses between major parental lines of three-line indica hybrid rice. A total of 27 QTL for grain weight were detected using three recombinant inbred line populations derived from the crosses Teqing/IRBB lines, Zhenshan 97/Milyang 46, and Xieqingzao/Milyang 46. Of these, 10 were found in only a single population and the other 17 in two or all three populations. Nine of the 17 common QTL were located in regions where no QTL associated with grain weight have been cloned and one was selected for fine-mapping. Eight populations segregating in an isogenic background were derived from one F7 residual heterozygote of Teqing/IRBB52. The target QTL, qTGW10-20.8 controlling grain weight, grain length, and grain width, was localized to a 70.7-kb region flanked by InDel markers Te20811 and Te20882 on the long arm of chromosome 10. The QTL region contains seven annotated genes, of which six encode proteins with known functional domains and one encodes a hypothetical protein. One of the genes, Os10g0536100 encoding the MIKC-type MADS-box protein OsMADS56, is the most likely candidate for qTGW10-20.8. These results provide a basis for cloning qTGW10-20.8, which has an important contribution to grain weight variation in rice.