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2019 Published Online.
《Agricultural Research》

Influence of Integrated Nutrition on Yield, Nutrient Uptake and Quality of Aromatic Rice in an Inceptisol

Susanta Kumar Pal,Swapnanjali Sasmal

Department of Agricultural Chemistry and Soil Science,Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya (BCKV), Mohanpur,India

Abstract: The conventional inorganic fertilizer-based nutrient management though increases crop productivity but often deteriorates the quality of produce. This experiment was conducted in a split-plot design with five levels of organic manures from two sources in main plot and three levels of inorganic fertilizer treatments to study whether integrated nutrient management could sustain both productivity and quality of aromatic rice on an Aeric Haplaquept. Organic manures significantly increased straw and grain yields, nutrients' uptake and improved quality parameters of aromatic rice Gobindabhog. Between the two sources, organic manures, mustard oil cake proved to be better than FYM. Integration of nutrient did not show any significant effect on yield and quality parameter of aromatic rice. Significant variation was observed in yield and different quality parameters of rice between 2-year data. Experimental results thus suggested for organic production system with mustard oil cake for this premium aromatic rice variety.

Keywords: Integrated nutrient management;Aromatic rice;Nutrient uptake;Mustard oil cake;Organic manure

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