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2019 Published Online.
《Agricultural Research》

Optimizing Seedling Number and Hill Spacing: A Way Forward to Harness Productivity Potential of Salt-Tolerant Rice Cultivars in Salt-Affected Soils

Yash Pal Singh,Vinay Kumar Mishra,Ravindra Kumar Gupta

ICAR- Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, Regional Research Station, Lucknow 226002, India

Abstract: Harnessing the potential of sodic soils in the Indo-Gangetic plains necessitates the development of salt-tolerant varieties and matching management practices as the management practices required for rice production in salt-affected soils are entirely different from those in normal soils. Field experiments with the main plots comprising two treatments T1:2 seedlings and T2:4 seedlings hill-1, subplot three hill spacing treatments S1: 15×15 cm, S2: 15×20 cm, S3: 20 cm×20 cm and sub-subplot with two salt-tolerant varieties V1: CSR 36, V2: CSR 43 were conducted at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research-Central Soil Salinity Research Institute (ICAR-CSSRI), Regional Research Station, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, during 2011, 2012 and 2013 kharif seasons to develop matching management practices for salt-tolerant varieties through optimizing the number of seedlings hill-1 and hill density to enhance productivity and profitability in salt-affected soils. The experiment was set up in split plot design replicated thrice. The results revealed that transplanting of 4 seedlings hill-1 at a hill spacing of 15 cm×20 cm proved better crop establishment and produced significantly higher grain yield over rest of the treatments. Planting of 4 seedlings hill-1 resulted in higher gross and net returns than planting of 2 seedlings hill-1. Transplanting of CSR 36 with 4 seedlings hill-1 at a hill spacing of 15×20 cm found superior in terms of grain yield, gross and net returns over CSR 43 with rest of the spacing treatments.

Keywords: Crop productivity;Hill spacing;Salt-affected soils;Salt-tolerant varieties;Seedlings hill-1

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