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《Journal of Integrative Plant Biology》

Recent Progress on Rice Genetics in China

Hua Jiang, Long-Biao Guo and Qian Qian

State Key Laboratory of Rice Biology, China National Rice Research Institute, Hangzhou 310006, China

Abstract: Through thousands of years of evolution and cultivation, tremendously rich genetic diversity has been accumulated in rice (Oryza sativa L.), developing a large germplasm pool from which people can select varieties with morphologies of interest and other important agronomic traits. With the development of modern genetics, scientists have paid more attention to the genetic value of these elite varieties and germplasms, and such rich rice resources provide a good foundation for genetic research in China. Approximately 100 000 accessions of radiation-, chemical- or insertion-induced mutagenesis have been generated since the 1980s, and great progress has been made on rice molecular genetics. So far at least 16 variant/mutant genes including MOC1, BC1, SKC1, and Rf genes have been isolated and characterized in China. These achievements greatly promote the research on functional genomics, understanding the mechanism of plant development and molecular design breeding of rice in China. Here we review the progress of three aspects of rice genetics in China: moving forward at the molecular level, genetic research on elite varieties and germplasms, and new gene screening and genetic analysis using mutants. The prospects of rice genetics are also discussed.

Keywords: functional genomics; genes; genetic analysis; genetic mapping; genome analysis; mutants; mutations; reviews; rice; Oryza; Oryza sativa; China

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